Team Heart 2011-02-09 07:43:00

Unable to post yesterday because of internet outage. Day 4 of our theater. Prem did first case, a triple valve and we await arrival from theater. Our second case, a wonderful young lady, very sick will follow for a single valve. She is the size of a child much younger an will challenge us all to remain objective. We tease Jabaris our surgical resident who has worked non stop for the first 4 days, and Chip, her surgeon, this young girl batts her eyelashes and all melt along with them.

Shabani, photographed here at HIS request, with Katelyn, a MGH, ICU nurse sits up enjoying juice on his first post op day. Shabani had a “bit of oozing” during the night, and returned to theater briefly. A few stitches to reinforce and he was back in business. We have been delighted with our two intensivist. Naomi, from the Brigham and David from Gundersen Clinic in LaCrosse, WI have done a fantastic job. Both have been incredibly supportive of the nurses with Naomi knowing only about 1/2 ; and David knowing no one. It always amazes me at this moment after just 4 days; anesthesia from 2 institutions, nurses from 6, physicians from 3, perfusion from 3, that we are a cohesive supportive group all working toward the same goal-making life better for someone.
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