Marc Couturier-The Miriam Hospital Rhode Island

Marc Couturier is the calm presence with the “big “machine–everyone else on the team had machine envy! When Mark heard there had been a problem with the number of machines requested, he made contact with the vendors supplying his region. Thanks to Dave Allard and Phillips, we had one more machine to work with—critical since that would have been close to 300 scans that would NOT have happened.

Marc works at the Miriam Hospital, Rhode Island . Although this was his first global experience, he settled in as if it had been his 100th. When he applied to travel as part of the team he said, “I’ve always wanted to participate in a medical mission where I can help people using my echocardiography skills”.

Efficient and quiet, he calms any frightened children and makes them feel safe while undergoing a process totally foreign to any of them. Few will have had an exam of any type—much less taking off your shirt and lying down with a wet, cold goo spread on your chest—The kids watch Marc’s face closely for any changes in his expression. The master of control… they are not going to see anything on HIS face that might make them concerned. A shy smile is exchanged as they realize they can trust him.

One of the best memories of the last week was the kids crowding Marc as he read aloud Tyrone—multiple times! Josh Goldberg captured these photos.

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